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Doctor Faustus

First Performed in 1988 at The Young Vic



Written by Christopher Marlowe

Directed by Anthony Clark



Peter Guinness, Stephen Jenn, Virginia Radcliffe, Nicholas Blane, Jon Strickland,

Peter MacQueen, Peter Rumney, Leader Hawkins, Claude Close, Sean Cranitch




"Intelligent, accessible and entertaining production... Good ensemble playing combine smoothly in this polished production to provide vibrant, enjoyable theatre." Time Out


"Instead of looking for phoney modern parallels Mr. Clark, anchors the play firmly in the world of Medieval disputation. It is a commendably untricksy production." The Guardian


"Boldly Inventive" The Times


"Thrilling new production...You will enjoy it." The Independent


"Straight forward, sensitive and strong playing is underlined by visual ingenuity and some startling theatrical strokes." Financial Times


"Anthony Clark's direction of an excellent cast, most of whom are required to play three or four roles, is intelligent and accomplished, setting the action forth with admirable clarity." Daily Telegraph


"Anthony Clark plays the potential of the piece - allowing both comedy and pathos full reign and producing for a modern audience, a sense of immediacy rather than the feel of a dusty old classic revived." City Limits

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