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Theatre Accord in association with Tara Arts presents:

‘A 13th Century Story for the 21st Century’
Paradise of the Assassins
Written and directed by Anthony Clark
based on a novel by Abdul Halim Sharar

Under the guise of doing Hajj two young lovers elope. Sleeping rough in a valley in the Alburz mountains, Hussain awakes to find he is lying beside Zamurrud’s grave.  It turns out his love isn’t dead but is being held prisoner in Paradise, by the legendary sect of the Assassins. To be reunited, Hussain must renounce his faith and adopt their ways. This chillingly resonant story, written over a century ago, charts Hussain’s radicalisation.
Performed by a versatile ensemble of eight actors this epic story shifts in tone from the humorous to the terrifying.
Asif Khan, Rina Fantania, Tripti Triperaneni, Skye Hallam, Ralph Britwell, Naveed Khan, Mitesh Soni, Karl Seth
Design by Matilde Marangoni, Lighting Amy Mae, Original Music Danyal Dhondy



‘A superb piece, especially outstanding is Clark’s adaptation and direction. A chronicle of wisdom, Paradise of the Assassins is also a significant, revealing analysis of terrorist extremism, delving into important issues. Well-balanced elements of drama, humour, music and philosophy form a thought-provoking and highly entertaining work.’ ***** The Upcoming


‘This is an intriguing tale, vividly told and well worth going to see’**** Essential (Surrey & SW London)


‘Anthony Clark’s intriguing adaptation …which raises important questions about the use of spiritual doctrine as a spur to assassination, about the danger of politicized imams and the creation of an illusory paradise as a bait for the young. Clark’s production with the aid of music by Danyal Dhondy creates an entire world in a small space, and the performances ensure that we relate to the story rather than simply see it as a remote fable from long ago’ ****The Guardian


‘A potent love story…Parallels with current extremism are all too apparent, with very strong performances…Skye Hallam and Asif forge a volatile chemistry’. *** The Stage


‘There is great resonance in the play with events happening in the world today… the love story at the core is very convincing and Asif Kahn is excellent as Hussain, giving the character the vulnerability and perplexed emotions that make the audience empathize with him. The rest of the eight strong cast were first rate as was Anthony Clark’s direction. Paradise of Assassins is an ambitious almost Shakespearean grand adventure’.   *** London Theatre 1


‘It’s contemporary relevance is obvious and you cannot help but think of today’s recruits to terrorism. It could feel heavy going were it not lightened by Danyal Dhondy’s music, the performances and Amy Mae’s imaginative lighting’.  *** British Theatre Guide


‘This old story is fascinating…an interesting a play that will draw you in’ ***Remote Goat


‘Paradise of the Assassins brings the ancient and the modern together in spectacular form… Though the play is singularly Muslim in its references, its message goes beyond any particular faith. Entertaining and enlightening’  Lemington Spa Courier

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