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Anthony has extensive teaching experience including: Manchester University Drama Dept,Manchester Polytechnic School of Acting, Richmond College of Further Education,Wimbledon School of Theatre Design,Central School of Theatre Design,Rose Bruford, Birmingham University Drama Dept,Birmingham MA Playwrights,Central School of Speech and Drama,Goldsmiths University London (MA Playwriting), Birkbeck (MA Directing), 2010-14 Course Leader MA/MFA Directing at E15, University of Essex 2014- Course Leader MA Directing at DCL, University of the Arts London,  Course Leader MA Performance:Writing  Drama Centre  (2017-2022)


Anthony’s workshops and masterclasses are designed for professional writers, directors , actors and designers and students of theatre and performance. Depending on the needs of the host organisation, workshops can last for a couple of hours to two weeks. He can devise classes around your needs but here are example workshops he offers:

The Director as Collaborator
The Director as Dramaturg and Deviser
Techniques of Adaptation
Introduction to Playwriting

How to forge productive creative relationships with other theatre makers.

How to edit and devise narrative to enhance character development, and reveal your themes.

The Director as Interpreter
Working with Living Writers

Can the director claim authorship of the production? What does this mean? How is it done? Conceptual Theatre v

non conceptual theatre.

Some ‘dos and don’ts’ Drawing on his wealth of experience of working with playwrights at different stages in their

careers, through script development, casting, design and rehearsals.

The challenges of adapting non dramatic texts for performance.

What is a play and how to start writing one.


Unpicking the text for staging clues, demystifying it for actors. Exploring the three worlds – the world of the play,

the writer’s world and your world to arrive at an original and impactful production.

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