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Family and Children's Theatre

"I got interested in writing for younger audiences at Contact Theatre, and whilst my own children were growing up. Children and Family audiences deserve as varied a diet of theatre as adults. Unfortunately commercial pressures mean the vast majority of plays presented for younger audiences are adaptations.  I hope one day more theatre companies will have the resources and confidence to risk more original titles. Children are an audience in their own right, and the primary purpose of presenting plays for them is not about cultivating audiences for the future but finding an entertaining way to encapsulate their experience and help them to make sense of an increasingly complex world."

2010 - The Dance House (Manchester) - Winnie the Witch by Thomas/Paul/Clark/Vibrans

2009 - Hampstead Theatre - Little Prince by Exupery/Clark/Vibrans

2007 - Hampstead Theatre - Little Wolf’s Book of Badness by Whybrow/Clark/Linehan*

2002 - Nottingham Playhouse/Birmingham Rep (MH) - Krindlekrax by Philip Ridley*

2002 - National No 1 Tour - Winnie the Witch by Thomas/Clark/Vibrans

1996 - Olivier (RNT) - The Red Balloon by Lamorisse/Clark/Vibrans

1996 - Birmingham Rep (MH) - Pinocchio by Collodi/Clark/Vibrans

1995 - Birmingham Rep (MH) - The Red Balloon by Lamorisse/Clark/Vibrans

1995 - Bimringham Rep (MH) - Peter Pan by J. Barrie

1995 - Cottesloe (RNT) - The Day After Tomorrow by Roel Adams/Noel Clark*

1991 - Birmingham Rep (MH) No 1 Tour - Cider With Rosie by Lee/Roose Evans

1991 - Birmingham Rep (MH) - The Pied Piper by Browning/Clark*

1990 - Birmingham Rep (MH) - Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck

1990 - Bristol Old Vic - The Red Balloon by Lamorisse/Clark/Vibrans

1989 - Contact Theatre - The Red Balloon by Lamorisse/Clark/Vibrans

1988 - Greenwich Theatre - To Kill a Mockingbird by Lee/Sergel

1988 - Leicester Haymarket - The Snowman by Briggs/Blake/Clark

1987 - Contact Theatre - To Kill a Mockingbird by Lee/Sergel*

1987 - Contact theatre - The Snowman by Briggs/Blake/Clark

1986 - Contact Theatre - To Kill a Mockingbird by Lee/Sergel*

1986 - Contact Theatre - The Little Prince by Exupery/Clark*

1985 - Contact Theatre - The Snowman by Briggs/Blake/Clark*

1984 - Contact Theatre - Scraps by Paul/Strachan

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