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at The Merlin Theatre, Frome

Tuesdays Sep t-Nov  2023

 WRITING FOR THE STAGE  (Crowood 2021 )

'Any aspiring writer should definitely consider picking up a copy of this...The strengths of this book lie in its sensible, methodical structure, practical advice and thorough overview of just about every aspects of their project that any aspiring playwright will need to consider, complemented by much allusion to plays and playwrights from every period and genre'  Theatre Review

‘Clark is a master of writing flawed, chaotic personalities with verve. When you view these short pieces as one entity, what strikes you is how they grow in might’.  The Guardian ****

‘Co-directors Sutch and Corner are relatively recent graduates. But they bring an inventiveness to the staging of each play that keeps everything visually interesting and distinctive. Chenise Lynette and Safeena Ladha lift their words high off the page with the versatility and confidence of their performances. Playing seven characters is no mean feat for anyone, but they transform themselves between each play, even while resetting the stage. They make the funny lines sing and the sad ones sting. The Stage

‘Two incredible actors to show us 14 different ways of being a woman, compassionately and humorously’. North West End ****

‘Safeena Ladha and Chenise Lynette give convincing and engaging performances throughout’ The Art Scape ****

SHE  (Wordville 2023)

SHE has been publsished and is available at most good bookshops, and as programme playtext at performances.

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