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Three short plays which I have written from a devising process with DSL students will be presented at Drama Studio on 4th & 5th March.

 I am  working on completing a cycle of six plays called HERE AND GONE, or 2014. These plays include:


THEATRE ACCORD in Partnership with Tara Arts and in Association with the Belgrade Theatre Coventry and The Production Exchange have had to postpone their Autumn 2020 national tour of SHE, because of COVID 19. We hope to reschedule the tour as soon as we can.

My book WRITING FOR THE STAGE was published in 2021 

'Any aspiring writer should definitely consider picking up a copy of this...The strengths of this book lie in its sensible, methodical structure, practical advice and thorough overview of just about every aspects of their project that any aspiring playwright will need to consider, complemented by much allusion to plays and playwrights from every period and genre'  Theatre Review

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