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As a Playwright 

"I write plays because I enjoy it. From a very young age I have been writing plays. First for my siblings to perform in, then school and university friends, and finally professional actors.
I managed to get my first professional job as a director through directing my own work.
I write plays to try and better understand what's going on in the world and to 'alter peoples' idea of the kind of society they should strive for'. I write plays to extend my practise as a director, and because I enjoy hearing and seeing my words interpreted by others. 

I write for adults and children."


For more information about Anthony Clark as a playwright, and to order his plays follow the links,,, or contact Theatre Accord.


2023- She (Southern/Midlands Tour) Published Wordville.

2017- A Leap in the Dark  & Pretend it Away  (Platform Studio)

2016- Paradise of the Assassins - (Tara Theatre, Coventry Belgrade)  Published  Oberon/Bloomsbury

2016 - Here and Gone  -  The Lake, Barbie's Head, Patience (3 short plays)  Clifftown Theatre

2015 - Naked Not Nude  - (LAMDA)

2014 - Plays in development incl: , The Blue Door, and No Case

2013 - The Eighth Continent - (Tristan Bates)

2012 - Our Brother David - (Watford Palace) Published Oberon/Bloomsbury

2007 - Little Wolf’s Book of Badness - (Hampstead Theatre) Published OIberon/Bloomsbury

2001- The Red Balloon  (NT The Olivier) Published Oberon/Bloomsbury

2001 - Winnie the Witch - (The Door+ National Tour) Published Oberon/Bloomsbury

1996 - Pinocchio - (Birmingham Rep) Published Oberon/Bloomsbury

1991 - Pied Piper - (Birmingham Rep)

1989 - The Red Balloon - (Contact)

1986 - The Little Prince - (Contact Theatre)

1986 - Matter of Life and Death - (50th Anniversary Lorca Lyttleton Theatre NT)

1985 - The Snowman - (Contact Theatre)

1985 - Green - (Contact Theatre)

1984 - Tide Mark - (RSC Pit)

1983 - Wake - (The Orange Tree)

1983 - Gone Egon - (rehearsed public reading at Riverside Studios)

1983 - The Power of Darkness - (The Orange Tree)

1981 - Hand it to Them - (The Orange Tree)

1981 - The Prague Trials - (The Orange Tree)

1980 - Fuzby Chicken Supreme - (New Half Moon)

1980 - Yellow Monday - (LSDF Bloomsbury Theatre)

1979 - Ivan - (NSDF Southampton & Edinburgh)

1977 - The Wall - (Oxford Playhouse Burton Rms)


*The children/family show adaptations have been produced in many regional theatres. The Red Balloon has also been produced on Radio 4 as a Boxing Day Special.

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