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The Duchess of Malfi

First Performed in 1989 at Contact Theatre.



Written by John Webster

Directed by Anthony Clark




"Anthony Clark's valedictory Contact production takes the risks that we come to expect in Contact's recent excellent seasons... This unconventional production mines unexpected areas of Webster's characterisation and language, bringing the play into human scale." The Telegraph


"Anthony Clark's production is no safely distanced costume classic; it's an uncompromising here and now nightmare of reality... Here's a show that should intrigue and provoke anyone from the academic to the average off the street punter. It's  gripping and its rich in allusion, classical and contemporary, and it speaks through the ages about the vicious nature of human frailty." The Guardian


"Tony Clark's production is quick with ideas and modernization" City Life


"Webster and Jacobean tragedians are usually called 'sensationalist', but Anthony Clark has framed his new production of 'The Duchess of Malfi' in a way that forces us to readdress that familiar category... This production adventurous and committed, is very much in Anthony Clark's Contact style. It is always vivid, absorbing and it is work that will be much missed when he leaves Manchester in January" The Independent

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