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Love Games

First Performed in 1982 at The Orange Tree.



Written by Jerry Przezdziecki

Directed by Anthony Clark




"Very good on domestic infighting, the piece becomes heavily prankish when it lapses into fantasy.But its real virtue is that it takes you behind the headlines to show how crisis chips away at the soul; and in Anthony Clark's production Sian Thomas and David Moylan catch all the contradictions of the fretful, sexy, quarrelsome, loving couple caught between feeling that all round them is crumbling and a change for the better is still on the cards." The Guardian


"It is a two hander, warmly and elegantly played by Sian Thomas and David Moylan and nicely directed by Anthony Clark." Morning Star


"This production presents a fine raw picture of life in Poland today." City Limits


"This production successfully communicates the feel, almost the taste, what it must have been like to live or try to live in Warsaw before the deluge." New Statesman


"This production continues the Orange Tree's tradition of turning apparent drawbacks to advantage." Evening Mail


"The play, sensitively directed by Anthony Clark... capturing with great skill the resilience and remarkable sense of humour of a people caught up in a situation which no one could relish." The Stage

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