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Mother Said I Never Should

First Performed in 1992 at the Birmingham Rep.



Written by C. Keatley

Directed by Anthony Clark




"Anthony was artistic director of Manchester's Contact theatre why My Mother Said was first commissioned; now he's able to bring a bigger budget to it as associate director at Birmingham Rep. The play has already become established as a classic text for the women's mouvement... an ambitious intense story well told... a splendid showcase for the skills of four actresses" The Guardian


"Sensitively directed by Anthony Clark with four strong performances from the women and ingenious set design by Fran Thompson" Oracle


"Not only does the script and compelling air to ensure a gripping and fascinating tale of a family with their hopes and skeletons that always become unearthed despite efforts to hide them" Centre Scene


"An absorbing evening" Evenig Mail


"The stage has been extended out to meet the first row of seats, obliterating the division between stage and auditorium and bringing actors and audience into one space. The psychological benefit of this simple device is remarkable" Birmingham Post

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