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Our Brother David

First Performed in 2012 at The Watford Palace.



Written by Anthony Clark

Directed by Anthony Clark



It is the summer of 2010. Despite the rapid erosion of Fairwold’s coastline and a global recession threatening local businesses, ex-celebrity photographer David Tiller and his sister Sophie are managing to run their old family home as a guest house. But their peaceful existence is threatened when their one-time brother-in-law Lawrence and his stunning new girlfriend decide to spend a weekend by the sea...


Our Brother David is a poignant tale of misplaced love, and a lively story of people trying to do the right thing in a crisis. Rich in humour, this beautiful new play, inspired by Chekhov’s masterpiece Uncle Vanya, could make you think differently about the future.



"David is the kind of character you'd hate to be left alone in a room with and yet his wisdom, however painful, hits home."  Watford Observer


"Anthony Clark's New Play is a 21st century mirro to Chekhov's Uncle Vanya, refracting that drama's plot and themes through the concerns of our times." The Times

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