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Paddy Irishman, Paddy Englishman and Paddy...

First Performed in 1999 at The Door

[Commissioned by The Door, first seen at the Door with a transfer to The Trycicle]



Written by Declan Croghan

Directed by Anthony Clark

Designed by Patrick Connellan


Cast: Sean Conolly, Annie Farr, Tom Farrelly and Michael Colgan



"Robustley enjoyable... Anthony Clark's richly detailed production contains exuberant performances." - Michael Billington The Guardian


"In Anthony Clark's skilled and entertaining production there are some nice sequences demonstrating the ghastliness of bed-sit life, and the panic of two reluctant explosives harbourers is paced to perfection." Paul Taylor The Independant


"The direction is resourceful and the young cast highly watchable." Nigel Cliff The Times


"Croghan treats his subject seriously and intelligently, and three vividly funny Catholic characters operat at full titl throughout Anthony Clark's Exhilaratingly pacy production". Nick Curtis Evening Standard

Michael Colgan as Kevin.

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