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First Performed in 2002 at The Door/RegionalTour



Written by Moira Buffini

Directed by Anthony Clark




"Buffini is deliciously skilled at crafting lines which sound vaguely, indefinably silly without undermining the whole business: Nick Fletcher, in particular, deadpans many such lines beautifully as the cleric "who has crept out his youth in sandals", and his mantra of "I am a priest; my name is Roger" (spoken with mild, Michael Palinesque fluster) deserves to become a Fast Show-style catchphrase. Rachel Sanders as the bolshie, snappish Ymma of Normandy, Zita Sattar as Lord Silence of Cumbria and Martin Freeman as Ethelred, transforming from gibbering idiot to coldly zealous butcher, give equally impressive performances under Anthony Clark's astute direction. Neither this play nor this production must be allowed to end here." Financial Times

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