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The Atheist's Tragedy

First Performed in 1994 at Birmingham Rep.



Written by 

Directed by Anthony Clark



Gerald Murphy, Vicki Pepperdine, Michael Gould, Cath Rodgers, Jamie Newell, Mark Jax, Andy Hockley,  David Fredrickson, Carrie Lee Baker, Tim Sabel, Michael Cadman, Jane Maud, John Lloyd Fillingham, James Simmons



"Anthony Clark's flair filled modern dress staging of this rarity production creates, with just the right degree of depraved relish, a sense of corrupt, hypocrisy-ridden society. The talented cast pile through the Fedeauesque farce with considerable chutzpah, helped by a vivid deploying of the vast stage's technical resources" The Indepenedent


"Anthony Clark's production is a sumptuous exhumation that sends the mind spinning back to Trevor Nunn's sixties rediscovery of the Revenger's Tragedy" The Guardian.

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